afterglow_event (afterglow_event) wrote in afterglow_plot,

BBQ at Ron's~~Incomplete

Summer BBQ
July 2 - Afternoon

Tables and chairs rest beneath large tents in the plush green of the yard. Bird songs gently fill the air as a light breeze tickles the trees. In front of the house more white covered tables are filled with assorted fruit and vegetable trays, beans, crisps, potatos, potato salad, and every other type of salad and dessert know to modern wizard. A huge covered silver tray rests on a separate table filled with barbecued beef, pork, chicken and smoked grilled salmon. A tasteful sign which boasts "Catered by Sinful Goodies" stands at the end of the bountiful display of food. Stunning summer floral displays from Fantastic Plants dot the tables and centerpiece of the serving tables.
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