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Updated Rules

Since new players are joining our game and one or two of the rules on the proper way to post have changed, here is an updated list of Afterglow's rules.

1. Play Nice
a. No flaming of other players. Period. If in doubt, stick your foot in your mouth early to prevent the words from coming out and forcing the Moderator(s) to step in.
b. No godmodding without permission. It’s not nice, it’s not fun, and it makes people dislike you. If you have questions or need more clarification, please contact the moderator(s).
c. Plot suggestions between players are just that: suggestions. Any player is free to turn down a suggestion or plot idea, just as any player is perfectly welcome to approach another player with a plot idea or suggestion. If you don’t like the idea, turn it down and move on. If you are turned down, accept that fact and move on. Harassing of other players will not be tolerated in either instance.
d. Characters ARE NOT THE PLAYERS. If a character calls your character a bad name, it is not a reflection of the way that player feels about you. Say it with us again: CHARACTERS ARE NOT THE PLAYERS. If a player wants their character to break up with your character, it is not a reflection of the way that player feels about you; it’s more likely a reflection of the fact that the player wants more plot freedom, or that it makes sense for their character to respond in this fashion. One more time, with feeling: CHARACTERS ARE NOT THE PLAYERS. This is extremely important to remember – anyone who has RPed for any length of time has likely witnessed when players become too emotionally attached to their characters and take things that occur in-character in the RP personally. If you do feel that someone is taking potshots at you, using the character as a vessel, approach the moderator(s) with your concerns. The simple fact is that some of our characters are rather nasty individuals; some of our characters are rather sweet individuals. Neither of these are indicative of the nastiness or sweetness of the player, because CHARACTERS ARE NOT THE PLAYERS.

2. Age Requirement
You must be over eighteen. That doesn't mean "I'm over eighteen in dog years" or "I'm over 18 if you count in octal" or "I can fake over eighteen, bring on teh sexxorz, d00d!" It means you have celebrated 18 birthdays and are a legal adult in the United States, where Livejournal is based. Even if you use proper grammar and manage to throw in loads of references in YIM to the Stones or Neil Diamond, you will eventually slip up. The moderator(s) or other players will catch you. They will be very, very angry.

3. Participation Requirements
Participation is a must. Yes, we all have real life issues that come up that can call us away from our preferred online lives (how DARE our families want meals?!?!), but the moderator(s) really need to know if you are going to be away for an extended period of time. If you just go away and don't let anyone know, it will be assumed you've lost interest in the game. If you will be unable to post for two weeks and want your character to remain yours, let the moderator(s) know or post the information on afterglow_plot. If we hear nothing from you in two weeks, then your character will be reassigned.

4. The Communities
a. The community bw_afterglow is for posting relevant happenings that occur in the RP itself.
b. The community afterglow_plot is where authors can brainstorm plot ideas, make suggestions, and discuss plotlines. It’s also where moderator notices will be posted – please join this community with your “real” LJ and your character LJ. On occasion, this community will be used for large events that will be flocked until the “unveiling” date – similar to the way the Vipertooth Egg Swipe was handled.
c. The LJ quibbling is a weekly newspaper that includes a randomly selected plot summary and a randomly selected interview – it also contains our “Help Wanted” ads for new players and a new "Ask Rita" section for reader questions. Watchers are welcome to post comments on this LJ. Except in extremely rare instances, the Quibbler is not in play (which means characters do NOT read the actual paper or have knowledge of the plot summary and interview included within). On occasion the moderator(s) will allow an edition to be “in play” in order to further plotlines – if you have a special request, please contact them.
d. Personal LJs for characters can be used for the characters’ private thoughts, feelings, ponderings, etc. These entries are considered private and therefore are not in play with other characters. If you have a post to make that other players will be responding to, that post belongs on the main community board. You can reference back to the character journal using a link when needed, but all action needs to take place on the main board.

5. Format of Community Entries
a. Please use properly label and lj-cut your entries to keep the community organized and easier to read. The format is twofold. Subject line should contain Cast Involved - Location - Adult Content (optional) - Status (Complete/Incomplete). For example:

Gilderoy/Millicent - Gilded Peacock - Incomplete.

The text of the LJ post itself should contain < Center > < b > Thread Title < / b > < / Center > on the first line. The second line should contain < Center > < b > Day of the Week, Month Day - Time of Day < / b > , < / Center >. The third line should be a horizontal rule < hr >. For example:

Taking It One Day at a Time
Monday, July 4th - Afternoon

b. LJ-cuts should be used if the post will be over approximately three screen inches (two shorter paragraphs, 150 words, etc etc). If you’re uncertain how long this is, take a look at the other posts on the main board and use those as a guide.
c. If the post will contain adult material, this should be noted on the header and all adult material in the original post must be under a cut. If a thread wasn’t originally intended to be NC-17 but, due to the amorphous nature of RP it becomes NC-17, please go back and edit the original post to note this fact.
d. Once a thread is complete, please go back and edit the header of the original post to say “Complete”.

6. Moderators
a. The moderators are human. They are also volunteers (which indicates that perhaps they are INSANE humans) and, like the rest of the players, have Real Lives.
b. Their basic duties include:
i. Maintaining the community
ii. Mediating in disagreements
iii. Monitoring the community for adherence to LOGICAL canon boundaries
iv. Watching for plot gaps and unforeseen character impacts due to other characters’ plots
v. Assisting with plot hints and general questions
c. Their duties do not include:
i. Parenting
ii. Babysitting
iii. Thinking up complete plotlines for all characters
d. Regarding c(iii) above: The moderators are happy to assist with plot hints and/or brainstorming, questions concerning acceptable extensions of canon, and suggestions on how to proceed with certain plots; however, they are not the writers of your characters: you are.

7. Grammar
Posts on the main board should be done in third person narrative form, using past tense, with proper grammar, punctuation and capitalization, and with absolutely NO NETSPEAK. (See Rule 2). Personal journal posts can be made in first person if desired, but the other rules apply. And remember: spell check is your friend.

8. Miscellaneous Character Information
a. Except in rare instances, all players should try to keep as close to canon as possible to begin with; obviously, character development will occur during the course of the RP as different events happen, but the characters should remain canon-based.
b. Original NPCs (Original, Non-playing characters) that are pivotal to plots should not be used without prior agreement of the moderator(s). This includes… babies. Any plots that will result in the adoption or birth of a new character must be approved by the moderator(s). As a forewarning: approval for babies will be very difficult to receive. As in - unlikely. Doubtful. Improbable. Almost impossible. About as likely as Tampa, FL getting eight feet of snow in the middle of July.
c. Thou Shalt Not have a Perfect Character(tm). Any character that is the richest, smartest, nicest, most cunning, best-liked, and has super powers is frankly not very interesting to read or interact with. All characters, by virtue of the plot arcs, will have their moments in the spotlight, never fear. Fun, realistically rounded characters with flaws are much more likely to be interacted with by other characters, and more likely to be involved in plots.
d. Players shall discuss all plots that could affect other characters in the livejournal community afterglow_plot.
e. Players will NOT make sweeping generalizations that affect the entire Wizarding World without first discussing it in afterglow_plot and getting moderator(s) approval. For example - "Fifi Feluja was the first person to beat Gilderoy Lockhart's record by winning Witch Weekly's Best Smile award twelve times in a row."
f. If you are using an icon that does not feature the commonly known actor from the movies (which is perfectly acceptable), please insert the name of your character into the icon.
g. No character is omniscient. Therefore, no character knows the thoughts of another character. Characters only know what they’ve seen and heard, regardless of how much the player knows. Once again, the CHARACTERS ARE NOT THE PLAYERS. (Bet you thought we’d forgotten about that, eh?)

9. More miscellany
a. Please keep the contact list up to date with your information, particularly if you add or remove a character. This will help our new members (and even our older members) contact you with questions or plot ideas that would involve your characters.
b. All new members will be subject to a 30-day trial period. The moderator(s) will work with the player if there are problem areas, and if there are still issues at the end of the trial period a decision will be made whether or not to continue the character in the game. Not continuing a character is a very rare event, so relax and have fun!
c. This is a natural extension of the "Play Nice" section above, but please be welcoming to our new players - it's nerve-wracking at times to enter a sandbox where all the other kids are already happily at play, so be sure to scoot aside, smile, and make room for them!

10. Penalties
So, whatcha gonna do if the rules are broken, you may ask? There are two penalty versions the moderator(s) will use.
a. For most rule breakings, there will be a three-step approach. Also known as Three-Strikes-and-Bye-Bye.
1. Friendly ping from a moderator over YIM or via email if you are not accessible via YIM.
2. If it continues, an official email from the moderator(s) with a specific time period for improvement to occur.
3. If it still continues, buh-bye.
b. This three-step approach will not be used in the cases of Rules 2 & 3. If Rules 2 or 3 are broken, then go directly to penalty a(3). Goodbye.
c. Please note that very few pings from a moderator involve rule breakings; don’t avoid moderator pings in fear of that occurring. Keep in mind moderator(s) are also players that have plots and characters, and may have general questions to ask. They aren’t evil. Really.


*Originally compiled by wendynat on January 19, 2005. Modified by missmiah on July 4,2005.*
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