afterglow_event (afterglow_event) wrote in afterglow_plot,

Birthday Bash ~ Celestial ~ Complete

Happy Birthday!
Saturday, July 30th ~ Evening

The tables were loaded with platters of sandwiches, fruit wedges, various deserts (sure to please the sweet tooth of Ron Weasley in particular) and various bowls of chips. One table held plates and napkins while yet another was empty, waiting for the birthday cake to be placed on it's pristine surface.

Numerous other smaller tables were placed around the room with accompanying comfortable chairs and the bartender was busy doing his set up work, while chatting with a couple of waitresses who were helping. A band was setting up their instruments on the small stage and a couple of thumps could be heard as someone cussed in the back ground.

Harry entered and looked around a moment before smiling and going off to see if anyone had arrived yet.
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