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The Street Fair

The streets are lined with booths containing games of skill and chance, and vendors with trinkets to commemorate the anniversary of the Fall of He Who Must Not Be Named (including several special flashing buttons that proclaimed "I Saw History Being Made on Big Wizard"). The Hogsmeade Businesses have cooked up special deals for the day, so be sure to stop in.

The Arena

The Quidditch Pitch has been transformed to an areana for those to challenge friends or foe to battle. Test your skills in magic on the Wizard Deul Stage or show off your fancy flying skills in the Broom Joust. The Main Event will host a Muggle Joust, full armored knights on horseback. Come cheer your champion on. A mediwitch is on hand.

The Grove (Nc17)

Need a break from the festivities? Here is a secluded sectioned off portion of the Forbidden Forest. Wards have been set to keep the creatures of the forest out as well as students. Charms ensure privacy and quietness for the weary, those just wanting to catch a snog from prying eyes or lay your head on the soft moss and catch a nap. Charmed instruments provide music to sooth and alcoves hidden by nature's beauty provide complete anonymity.

The Midway

The lanes are bustling with storytellers, strolling musicians, singers, dancers and villagers welcoming you to a festive day of living history. The air is filled with the scents and smells of the foods of the Renaissance period. Feast like royalty on juicy roasted turkey legs, fresh-baked bread bowl stews, fish ‘n chips, steak-on-a-stake, and a variety of the finest beers and wines. Have your fortune told, see a dragon up close, or be professionally insulted. The Midway holds a vast array of talent and fun for all. Check out the games, test your strength against others in the Highland Caber Toss, show your skill with bow and arrow or get into some rowdy, dirty fun in the mud pit as wenches show their own brand of skill.

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Monday, May 9th, Evening ~ Complete

Neville checked to make sure everything was perfect. His friend would be arriving soon, and he suspected after he told them what they wanted to hear, things would be a bit awkward. He flushed as memories threatened to overrun him, but he firmly pushed them into the back of his mind and checked the laden side board once more. There was pasta, and fish, shepherd's pie, salad, rolls, as well as several types of sweets and juices. The bar was well stocked and open, and he rather hoped the evening would go well. He started as he heard the Floo flare, and turned to greet his first guest.

Monday, May 2 ~ Afternoon ~ Complete

Charlie sat in his room, going over the general outline of the plan one more time. It looked like everything was in place and after his meeting with Jordan the other day, he had a lot more confidence in the team he'd chosen. At exactly two o'clock, they were set to start. He picked up the whiskey-soaked shirt and pulled it on over his head, the smell of alcohol strong in the air around him. Taking his water-filled flask in hand, he took a deep breath and opened the door. This was only going to work if everyone played their parts perfectly.

Beltane ~ May 1 ~ Incomplete

Many doors are warded here, but there are those open guests suites...

Beltane ~ May 1 ~ Incomplete

If any choose to wander here, caution would serve them well. Many doors refuse entry, others grant entry purely for the shocked faces they may see.

Enter into darknessCollapse )

Beltane ~ May 1 ~ Incomplete

The theme of opulence continues through out this floor. Vast arrays of food and drink can be found in every room.

Beltane ~ May 1 ~ Incomplete

Across a lush and sweeping grounds burn the Bel Fires. Twin infernos with healing and purifying powers, hopes of protection, luck and fertility. Beribboned May Poles stand in silent sentry, evidence of the outing of able children from St. Mungo's earlier in the day.

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