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Plot me, baby!

Plotting and Planning for Afterglow
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Afterglow - A Post-Hogwarts Soap Opera

Voldemort has been killed in a tragic hot-tub accident during big_wizard,
and the Wizarding World is at a crossroads.

This is the plot board for the RPG bw_afterglow.


Got a hot plot?

Post it here!

This is a place for all Afterglow cast to chat about upcoming plot ideas, both major and minor.

Membership is limited to Afterglow authors and/or characters only, and all posts should be flocked for privacy.

The Rules: Read them. Obey them. Have fun. Contact the Mod(s) if you have any questions.

Contact Information: Please keep this thread up to date. New players add your information and existing players delete your original entry and add a revised one if your information changes or you add a character.