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Welcome to Pansy's Welcome Home Party.

Saturday, August 27th ~ Evening

Come one, come all to help celebrate the handfasting and the subsequent div - Oh, wait. This is a divorce? Erm - Alright. And they're both happy about it? Strange, at least one individual is usually upset or angry.

Come one, come all to help celebrate the handfasting and the subsequent divorce - They're doing both on the same day? This is really, really strange. Are they under Imperious by chance? No?

Come one, come all to help celebrate the handfasting and the subsequent divorce between Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall-Snape. I take it she's done this before? No? Oh, widowed. I see. Do you think she'd give me her floo address? Ouch! Was that really necessary?

Cheryl is having a birthday and you're all invited to attend. She has made some requests - *grins* - so it should be lots of fun!

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines
August 4~~Early Morning

Dung apparated outside Neville's flat with a loud "crack." Looking around the street to make sure that no one was looking, he made his way up the steps and knocked on Neville's door. Slinking back into the shadows of the flat until the door opened, Dung kept a sharp eye for spies or suspicious looking animals.

When the door opened, Dung stepped into the light, "Hullo, I was wondering if we might have a word?"

Happy Birthday!
Saturday, July 30th ~ Evening

The tables were loaded with platters of sandwiches, fruit wedges, various deserts (sure to please the sweet tooth of Ron Weasley in particular) and various bowls of chips. One table held plates and napkins while yet another was empty, waiting for the birthday cake to be placed on it's pristine surface.

Numerous other smaller tables were placed around the room with accompanying comfortable chairs and the bartender was busy doing his set up work, while chatting with a couple of waitresses who were helping. A band was setting up their instruments on the small stage and a couple of thumps could be heard as someone cussed in the back ground.

Harry entered and looked around a moment before smiling and going off to see if anyone had arrived yet.

imjustnev [userpic]

Rescue Me
Monday, July 25th ~ Evening

Neville's body curled in on itself on the cold warehouse floor. He'd been moved in his sleep to the open area of the warehouse, presumably so the buyers could get a better look at him without having to use the close confines of Roland's office. The boys had been back, reopening the cut on his temple, adding a few more bruises and overall enjoying themselves at Neville's expense. Before he'd passed out for the third time, Neville had forced himself to accept his fate. He was about to be sold to a whorehouse, no one was looking for him, no one likely even noticed he was gone. His last thoughts were of Blaise and Fred as he wondered if it would take them even a week to move on.

Since new players are joining our game and one or two of the rules on the proper way to post have changed, here is an updated list of Afterglow's rules.

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Summer BBQ
July 2 - Afternoon

Tables and chairs rest beneath large tents in the plush green of the yard. Bird songs gently fill the air as a light breeze tickles the trees. In front of the house more white covered tables are filled with assorted fruit and vegetable trays, beans, crisps, potatos, potato salad, and every other type of salad and dessert know to modern wizard. A huge covered silver tray rests on a separate table filled with barbecued beef, pork, chicken and smoked grilled salmon. A tasteful sign which boasts "Catered by Sinful Goodies" stands at the end of the bountiful display of food. Stunning summer floral displays from Fantastic Plants dot the tables and centerpiece of the serving tables.

The Carnival Rides - NC-17

Several attractions have been scattered about the fair. Included amongst the street performers and booths are a few carnival rides guaranteed to raise the blood pressure and bring a pleasing flush to the cheeks.


Feeling peckish? A little thirsty? Several Hogsmeade establishments have extended their hours to make the celebration that much better.

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